Sunday, 24 May 2015

First Day

  • What did you do today?
  • I,together with my group mates,built the automatic waste sorter machine.As there are 3 components to complete the machine,we split ourselves into 3 groups.I got assigned to the group to build a striker that would push all magnetic objects to a basket.In the process,we did trial and error and in the end,we managed to have a fully working prototype.
  • What did you learn today?
  • I learnt how to build and innovate a platform for magnetic objects to fall into a basket.This is to help seperate magnetic objects from the non magentic objects.I learnt that with proper management and planning,we can accomplish a project.
  • How do you feel about today’s activities?
  • I felt that building a waste sorter machine will help in the real life situations.For example,there might be a huge number of waste .Without any classification of recycling,many items will just go down in waste and wasted.So,I believe that in real life situations,we can use these kinds of automatic waste sorter machines to recycle more objects.

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